A 34-year-old man passed away…

He woke up to use the washroom. Complained of acidity to his wife. He felt uncomfortable and was suffocating. His wife runs down to seek help from other family members. By the time they reached upstairs to help, his soul had already left the body. 

On the condolence call, we realized that he never shared his problems with anyone. He fought all by himself. As he was under stress, he did not maintain a healthy lifestyle. He ate unhealthy food, never checked his vitamin levels, consumed alcohol occasionally and maybe smoked too. 

It all happened in under 15mins from the time of waking up to go to the toilet to leaving this world forever. 

We hear such cases very often these days. Our mental and physical wellness is constantly worsening. For the very same reason, I learnt life coaching to help people mentally and started ayurzon to help people prevent diseases. 

Prevention Methods:

There are many ways to prevent diseases like: 

Regular exercise | Yoga | Meditation | Healthy Lifestyle | Healthy food | Nutritional supplements and more.

There are many organizations working in the healthcare industry towards curing diseases with medicines and procedures. However, there are very few actively working towards the prevention of diseases. 

Organic is Expensive:

The reason is also because not many people are actually willing to do much for the sake of prevention. The broad attitude is still "jo hoga dekha jayega". We invest in media-claims, health insurance, life insurance, but when we go to buy healthy food, unprocessed items, organic fruits or vegetables, we find them or call them expensive. 

Yes, they may seem expensive because they are not mass produced or fast produced with harmful chemicals. Organic processes are slower and smaller. 

Our government is working towards this and making special organic farming zones with some states becoming 100% organic. This will eventually reduce the cost of such organic produce, but it is going to take a while. 

I personally agree that organic, raw, unprocessed foods, nutritional supplements and clean cosmetics are relatively higher in cost, but for what its worth, I would rather pay more now than compromise my health and encounter an unpleasant experience of ill health or even loss of life. 

How may the state of affairs be in 2050:

If not for me, I would surely do this for my kids. A 10-year-old child will become 34 after another twenty-four years. Can you imagine the state of affairs in the next 24 years?

  • What will be the kind of food we will consume? 
  • What will be the various kinds of mental conditions we will be facing? 
  • What will the environmental conditions be? 
  • How will our kids cope with that? 

  • These questions inspire me to prepare myself for the future. And the 1st step I can take is to start eating healthy foods, take vitamins and nutritional-rich foods, exercise and set a good example for my children. 

    While I do that for my own family, I have started this initiative at ayurzon to find great products and make them reach many other fathers like myself so that, when they choose health, I can help them to simplify choosing healthy products. 

    How do I Choose Healthy products? 

    • I find a product that is clean, healthy, maintains a good quality, has rich nutritional values and benefits our health in total. 
    • I try these products myself, with my family and friends. 
    • On getting the required feedback, we create a process and supply chain to make them reach others across India. 
    • Our team of experts conduct periodic checks at the suppliers' manufacturing facilities. We ensure quality is maintained consistently. 

    Also, we interact with our customers over chats, calls to advise them about choosing healthy products. We also help them with mental wellness tips. 

    This way, I am able to work on a three-pronged approach to prevent diseases:

    1. Physical Wellness - By providing the healthiest products.
    2. Mental Wellness - By counselling people in stress and 
    3. Financial Wellness - By creating opportunities for the whole supply chain from farmers to manufacturers to delivery boys and, last but not the least, our own team and their families. 


    I'm doing my bit. I urge you to contribute by simply staying healthy. Choose prevention so you don't have to run for the Cure later. 

    Mission Rog Roko 

    Atul Vaya 

    CEO - Ayurzon Wellness PVT LTD

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