Calcium Deficiency - Cause, Diseases and Treatment

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Calcium Deficiency

What is calcium and its composition!!!

Calcium is a mineral, out of which 99 percent is found in bones and teeth, and plays a vital role in muscle contraction, blood clotting, heartbeat regulation, and the functioning of the nerve.

Calcium is also needed to maintain healthy communication between the brain and other parts of the body. Also needed for cardiovascular function and muscle movement.

In absence of adequate calcium, the body suffers from many problems like memory loss, muscle spasms, numbness, depression, brittle nails, weak gums, hallucination, etc. and these are the primary signals given by the body which make us aware of the calcium deficiency. We should be cautious about any signal and take necessary action to safeguard from serious ailments.

Diseases caused by Calcium deficiency

Now that we know the importance of calcium for the body, let us understand the seriousness of the problem. Calcium deficiency may have no early symptoms or is usually very mild to notice but without treatment, it may be life-threatening.

A few major ailments by calcium inadequacy are:

1. Hypocalcemia

This is a condition where the blood has low levels of calcium, the patient has an inadequate level of parathyroid hormone or vitamin D, or it occurs because of resistance to these hormones. The treatment involves giving oral calcium and vitamin D supplement.

 2. Osteoporosis

The bone stores calcium and requires high levels of calcium to stay stronger. When the overall calcium in the body is low, it gets diverted from the bones thereby making them weak or brittle and prone to injury. With time too little calcium causes a reduction of the mineral density of bones and results in thinning of bones and becomes vulnerable to fractures and severe pains with problems in holding appropriate postures.

3. Dental problems 

When the body lacks calcium, it pulls from the teeth thereby making them weaker and causing dental problems. Also, other problems occur like

  • tooth decay
  • brittle teeth
  • irritated gums
  • weak tooth roots

Calcium deficiency in infants leads to tooth development.

Many such problems are related to calcium inadequacy related to dental and bone density and brain alterations. In some cases, it may cause cataracts

Treatment and prevention

Now we know that calcium is vital for body functioning, the best way is to enhance calcium intake.

Some of the calcium-rich foods are dairy products like Milk Powder, spinach, tofu, broccoli; nuts etc are rich in calcium and helps in improving the calcium levels.


Inadequate calcium is a result of an unbalanced diet. Also, the amount of calcium needed does vary individually. It depends on various factors like age, weight, working conditions, and diet changes

But if you notice any of the symptoms in the body then take it as an alert and a sign of serious ailment if delayed.

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