D2C with zero cost


Let us first understand …What is D2C or Direct customer 

D2C is an age-old sales concept but is gaining popularity in recent times with stay at homes employees and a leisurely working style that allows work commitment with some extra hours.

Talking about some statistics, Direct selling in India grew by 4.7 percent in the early half of the pandemic in 2020-21. In the growth so witnessed, the wellness segment consisting of healthy products accounted for 57 percent followed by cosmetics and personal care contributing 22 percent, and lastly with 8% by household and durables.

Direct selling is a sales technique where the product is sold directly to the customer and no middleman is involved like wholesalers or retailers, generally, this selling includes friends, relatives, and acquaintances.

Now that we know what is direct selling, let us ponder on some of the advantages of D2C.

The business does not require a physical space and can be easily operated from home. One can decide the time and the money to be invested; also can have full control over earning. Direct selling offers a huge opportunity for employment to the stay at home moms and youths. The product becomes a brand and it becomes reasonably easy to sell products of the established company. 

Enough about the benefits of D2C, now the most important part …How to make these products saleable with zero investment……..


Have complete knowledge of your product

It is very essential to have the complete know-how of the product, one should deeply fall in love with the product and should be 1000% convinced of the end user and the benefits that the product is deriving. Otherwise with the missing conviction and trust in the product, one cannot sell it.


Build a strong business network and contacts 

The D2C business requires a very strong web of networks to be established to make the product heard and establish the word of mouth marketing. The network is built on friendship and exploring contacts beyond just the potential customers and includes all those who are directly or indirectly affected by the products and their use.


Create and design a website 

One should work to build a robust website. By robust means, the website should be easy to navigate, understandable, found on the internet readily and showcases the product with all the desirable questions that may come to the customer’s mind. In all, it should be customer-centric and updated.


Foster a community around your BRAND

It is always best for your brand that the customer speaks about it. The customer is the best brand ambassador and they can build your reputation. Make sure that the early adopters speak best about the product because they bring your future customers. Customer acquisition plays a major role as a one-time purchase does not sustain the business in the long run. The product will uphold when the customer becomes an integral part of the product journey 


Personalization is the key 

When the product is D2C, there is no middleman in between, and the brand talks directly to the customer thereby connecting it with the customer's needs and desires. If you are not a big brand then it is best to personalize the product according to the taste of the customer and their purchasing habits. The brand should be dynamic and accept changes with the demand, need not necessarily need technological innovation, and can be handled manually.

One should remain persistent and should keep trying to come closer to the customer.D2C is one of the best-selling techniques with newer products and help the product to become a BRAND.

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