Do you know what Antioxidants are and why are they needed?

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Before knowing the role of anti-oxidants, we should first understand free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules produced as a reaction to environmental and other macro pressures. Free radicals are the waste substance produced by cells when food is processed in the body.

The free radicals have to get removed from the body but if it does not then it causes oxidative stress and harms the cells and body functions are disrupted. The free radicals are a result of internal factors such as inflammation or external like pollution, and UV exposure. The so-caused oxidative stress leads to heart disease, respiratory problems, cancer, arthritis, or any other inflammatory condition.

Oxidative stress is caused by excessive exercise, smoking, radiation, pollution, and processed food intake. The oxidative stress is a result of the imbalance between the production and accumulation of oxygen reactive species or free radicals and the body system is not able to detoxify the waste completely. 

And hence we need Anti-oxidants…


Anti-oxidants are vital to the body, they are substances that prevent cells from damage or slower the damage process caused by free radicals. They are called free-radical scavengers. Anti-oxidants can be natural and artificial but we need them for different purposes like hydrogen donors, electron donors, oxygen, and enzyme inhibitor. Every anti-oxidant serves a different purpose and is not interchangeable 

Moreover, all of us are exposed to different living conditions and environments and chemical exposures.

So the free –radicals are different and so will the anti-oxidant. So the body requires 100 different anti-oxidants and it is really difficult to manage in a daily diet.

Ayurzon brings “OLIO” which is a complete anti-oxidant composition and is 100% organic and natural. The composition is made up of 22 essential herbs, also berries and Shilajit form a part of it. This is ayurvedic and helps in boosting immunity and is a natural detoxifier. Helps with age-related issues and protects us from free radicals. Olio is the one in all solution and no other product has a super combo of all covered in one.

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