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Who's Nikki and how she got started?

Nikki is a mother who wanted clean and healthy food supplements for her children specially because her son is a state level cricketer.

Niikiz magic CEO

Nikki started her own venture and that's how Nikkiz Magic came to life..

In her own words:

I started my venture to reach out to all those whose body issues can be solved from our own kitchen. I believe in a quality healthy lifestyle and that  your life is happy when you are internally happy!

Nikki Magic brings to you the best in the form of natural, clean products and goodness of natural ingredients like plants, herbs and spices, all made at Nikki's home kitchen by her own magical hands with complete hygiene precautions and care.

All the ingredients used are formulated and well blended in just the right form and proportion which helps to render authentic and optimum desired results.

All of the products made are 100% natural, safe and of high-quality with no added artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and chemicals. The powder form comes in an eco-friendly packaging.

Brand Story:

Just like most women, I also gained a lot of weight at a certain point of time in my life.

I love wearing clothes and styling my accessories. but after gaining weight, i had a complex of my own.

I tried a number of things to lose weight, everything worked but that was all temporary, my weight would shoot up as soon as I go back to my normal routine life.

I love cooking and inventing nutritional recipes, I also had won a lot of competitions for cooking, so after research, I came up with this powder for my own use only which loses your weight, balances your vitals, and maintains your desired weight Looking at the change in my body structure and attitude towards it, my friends and family started using this same powder too.

Specially, after pandemic, my powder users grew in number, So I did a course online to learn more about nutrition. After which I had an idea to make it as my new business venture. Me and my family has been taking this powder for about 15 years now.

Product Manufacturing Processes 

The powder is a homemade product with absolutely no side effects and can be taken for lifetime as the ingredients used are in a perfect measure from our very own kitchen. Some pictures of my manufacturing process are provided.

Nikkiz magic


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