Marishas Wellness Hub from Anand, Gujarat, India

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Marishas Wellness Hub


Mr. Chinmay - a Green card holder, an Indian who lived the corporate life in the USA for over 8 years finally gave up everything and returned back to his home town in Gujarat to become a farmer again. He farms and he loves it. 

We love his products as they grow the best drumstick trees which give the moringa leaves. Moringa, classified by the Ministry of Health and Ayush as a SUPER FOOD, is packed with nutrition's and vitamins that can fulfil your daily requirement to keep you healthy. 

Mediclaims or health insurances are great but prevention is the best. Stay healthy by choosing these superfoods. Take a small quantity consistently and see the best version of yourself while preventing diseases. 

Moringa is our top selling product. And since it is on ayurzon, it HAS to be Healthy. 


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