Benefits of Amla and Turmeric powder Mix

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Ayurveda is an age-old science and a gift to humanity that used natural herbs and techniques for curing ailments. It swears on many herbs blind-folded because of their sacredness and remarkable benefits, let us know two of such herbs and their magical powers: Amla and Turmeric.


Also known as gooseberry ; green –yellowish having sour taste; usually grown in major areas of Asia and India largely . Amla is fully infused with Vitamin C and is considered to be the richest source ; with Vitamin C as good as 20 times that in oranges . Also one of the unique characteristics of Amla is having five different tastes; pungent ,astringent, sweet, bitter and sour. It keeps the three doshas ;Vata ,pita and kaph checked and balances them to achieve the best of body ,mind and soul . Amla is an anti-oxidant and also helps in anti-aging.


Turmeric is the most common spice used by Indians in their daily food preparation but it is the most underrated in terms of the benefits derived. It is circumin which is responsible for the yellow color, is the most power powerful anti-oxidant and contains anti-inflammatory properties. It has proven benefits for heart diseases and ensures heart health and also for arthritis and depression.

Now we know the herbs turmeric and Amla separately, but we can them together to double the benefits in the small portion.

Here are a few benefits you will derive when start having this mixture:

1. Improve skin Texture

It is always important to eat healthier and cleaner because of how you eat, you look. Amla is rich in Vitamin C which is vital for promoting skin health and Turmeric is an excellent anti-oxidant. Hence the combination of both enhances texture and appearances.

2. Relieves cold and cough

We all have experienced colds and coughs, some or the other day. Having Amla and turmeric relieves you from the symptoms of cold and cough. Turmeric aids in fighting cough.

3. Reduction in body pain and soreness

Since both Amla and Turmeric are rich in anti-inflammatory properties, they can help you treat soreness and pain.

4. Anti-allergic and antibiotic

Amla and Turmeric are best in treating allergies and turmeric is the best antibiotic thereby helping in curing diseases.

Apart from the above, this can help in diabetes and has unproven benefits in curing cancer as well. The mixture improves immunity with time and generally does not show any side effects. 

Have this mixture, early morning with hot water to have noticeable difference. Also we at Ayurzon has many combination of these herbs in the best composition and mixture for the enhanced benefits.

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