Work-life balance

Work-life balance


The term work-life balance defines a state where a person prioritizes one’s career and personal life with equal weightage, giving importance to both with equal focus.

While you start imagining this phenomenon, an ideal situation comes to your mind where you spend the most productive day at work and leave work on time with the latter half of the day left for your personal space with friends or children or family back home


If this is asked of the masses, 59% of the Indian workforce is not happy at work. About 51% of feel they have missed most crucial life events 

After the shocking revelation, Let us understand a few reasons that lead to work-life balance

Some of the common reasons that lead to a poor work-life balance include:

  • Responsibility overload at work
  • Stretched hours 
  • Increase responsibility at home
  • Kids 

Why is everyone talking about work-life balance unanimously these days? We all have 24 hours in a day but there are lots on our plate and we tend to juggle between the roles and the responsibilities, in this attempt, we have to choose and that choice makes us feel guilty. This guilt leads to long-run damage to the body and mind.

When now, all of us have accepted the importance of work-life balance. Let’s make a few changes and efforts to achieve equilibrium. Few pointers to keep in mind

  • There is no Perfect “Work-life balance” and it is a dynamic concept 

Work-life balance is a fluid term, it should keep changing with the priorities, there is no perfect schedule that has to be followed rather than focusing on the idle theory, and one should try to be present completely in one place based on the timely importance and channelize to redirect and assess the current need to find balance

Also, this balance is achieved over time and not a day’s affair.

  • Love your job or find new

Work cannot be avoided and is inevitable, but if you tend to hate your work as a result you will be sad and unsatisfied. You just hate coming out of bed and feel unnecessary going to work

All this indicates that you are at a place that does not motivate you to work, and it drains your body and mind so leave that job right away and join the organization where you feel worthy and get going 

  • Unplug at times

We are so connected with the outer world and we are all tightly knitted with schedules

One needs to unplug from the routine and bring little moderation to the lifestyle to enhance the state of mind.

  • Take a vacation
  • This is an extension of unplugging, but for a longer period. Vacations are of utmost needed for mental peace and recharge of the whole body.

    • Set schedules and boundaries for work 

    Set a schedule and follow it diligently. Try not to answer emails at home and do not over think the new project


    All this has led to various changes in the workplace. Organizations are now thinking about Flexi hours and Flexi workplaces. Also, hybrid culture is adopted to have best of both worlds situation for the employees.

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