Welcome to Ayurzon - Providing Healthy Alternatives to Daily Essentials.

About the Company:

Ayurzon is the entity of Ayurzon Wellness Centre Private Limited.

As per WHO Pesticides are among the leading causes of death by self-poisoning, in particular in low- and middle-income countries.

As they are intrinsically toxic and deliberately spread in the environment, the production, distribution, and use of pesticides require strict regulation and control. Regular monitoring of residues in food and the environment is also required.

Apart from pesticides, there may be many other harmful chemicals used in production, delivery of food, cosmetics and other items that we use daily. 

Our aim is to find, verify and deliver products with highest quality, clean, free from harmful chemicals. We are all humans who deserve clean products. However, clean products appear expensive when compared simply because they are not truly expensive but other similar products are a lot cheaper as they may be mass produced using processes that are not as healthy.

We have found multiple manufacturers who have similar goals and aim to produce products that are clean, free from harmful chemicals and suitable for us humans. 

We bridge this gap. We bring these products to deserving humans through our online platform - www.ayurzon.in 

Our team of expert Nutritionists, doctors and experts, verify these products, their nutritional values that meet standards set by the Indian Ministry of Health to ensure people receive the best Healthy Alternatives at all times.

To improve the lives of people by helping them switch to healthy alternatives and preventing diseases. In the process, we also aim to enable entrepreneurs, manufacturers, farmers who produce healthy products by bringing them online. 

We plan to start a franchise network and an offline network of Healthy Mini stores across India by mid of 2023. If you are interested in starting a franchise store, please write to connect@ayurzon.in 

Our mission is to help 10cr Indians switch to Healthy Alternatives easily where they do not have to worry about the quality of the products. If they buy on ayurzon.in, it has got to be Healthy. 

Purpose : Our purpose is simple - To prevent diseases caused by consumption of products that are harmful, inorganic or contain substances that are more damaging to health thus improving and extending lives of people. 

Marketing Policy - Truth, Honesty, Transparency and free from Fear Based Marketing. Our marketing policy will maintain all communication that spreads positivity and wellness. We are against playing with fear psychology, creating fake urgency or capitalizing on FOMO.

Onboarding Processes:
We follow a strict process of onboarding vendors and products on ayurzon.in 

Our verification team visits our vendors, evaluates their manufacturing processes, source of ingredients, quality of materials used and overall hygiene maintained in their production facilities. 

We conduct period checks to ensure that the same processes are maintained consistently. 

Quality Control :

All products that reach our warehouses are further checked ensuring they are packed securely, dispatched to customers and customers receive them in best condition. Any customers who do not receive the products in intact, sealed condition are offered free replacement immediately. 

How to buy healthy products online from ayurzon? 

We have simplified buying from ayurzon.in through a website. 

Step 1 : Customer simply visit www.ayurzon.in 

Step 2 : Search in the Search bar or choose products from our products categories from the menu 

Another example-

Step 3

Click on the Healthy product you wish to Choose. Here in the example, we have shown Honey.

You will see 5 variants in the drop down menu. 

Choose the variant of your preference. Then click on Buy It Now

Step 4 - How to checkout 

Now you have the product in your cart. 

  • Complete your address ensuring you type the correct address with the nearest landmark to ensure you get quick delivery. If the address is entered incorrectly, you will experience delay in receiving your Healthy items. 
  • Enter a discount coupon if you have any or you may use GET5 since you have read this far, we would like to thank you with a 5% discount on any products. 
  • Enter your mobile number, email address correctly. You should also create an account with use if you wish to continuously improve your health. 
  • Make payment through our secured payment gateway powered by Razorpay. Paying online saves you Rs. 60 and ensures faster delivery. 
  • You may also choose COD. 
  • Now you have to simply confirm the order. 

Once you have placed the order, you will receive a confirmation message from our logistics partners - www.ithinklogistics.com where you can confirm your address details. 

Step 5

Your order is confirmed. Congratulations. You have successfully chosen Healthy Alternatives. 

Incase you have not received your order or have grievances, you can message us on our website chat option or send us a whatsapp message from here


How to sell with ayurzon? 

We are very selective with the products and brands we carry. 

Read below to understand how to sell healthy products online with ayurzon. 

If you think you will meet the requirements of providing continuous supply of clean and healthy products and meet the requirements mentioned below, then you may write to us on join@ayurzon.com 

  1. You are currently not selling on any online platforms and need help with improving your online presence. 
  2. You can provide a consistent supply of your products with a minimum monthly required quantity of 100 units per SKU. 
  3. You maintain a clean process and supply products that are made from healthy ingredients free from harmful chemicals. 
  4. You want to grow your business and want to be a part of our RogRoko Mission. 


Company Culture:

At ayurzon we want to create a culture where our future team actually enjoys work. A culture where they have clutter free clarity, clear & well planned goals. We want to work with well designed processes so that we have more free time on hand where our team can learn, up-skill, improve their health and overall well being.

We do not want to set any strict t&c, policies and lock people into a closed environment. We want to set an open culture with max freedom that ignites innovation in everything we do and it also aligns with our company’s vision to promote good health, wellbeing and happiness. 


How to use Healthy Products? 

To know about how to use our products, you may do one of the following. 

  • Choose the product you wish to buy and go to the How To Use section in the product description. Here, we mention all the details. 
  • Read the instructions on the product package. 
  • Go to this link to read more about How To Use our products.
  • You may also visit our chat box on the website to learn more about How to Use our products. 
  • If none of the above work, you can sen