Abeer (Men's Perfume) 10 ml - Ayurzon

Abeer (Men's Perfume) 10 ml

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Abeer (Men's Perfume) 10 ml

Ayurzon Wellness Centre

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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Abeer’s Men Perfume | Deodorant

Perfumes are an essential part of human life for the past 4000 years.  Mesopotamians are the first ones which made perfumes and use them and since then we are using them. But the issue which everyone faces with perfumes is that the fragrance won’t last long enough.

But need not worry we have the perfect solution for you and that is Abeer’s Men’s Perfume. Which lasts for more than 24 hours. So, what are you waiting for… Go Grab One…


1. Great Smell:-

Abeer’s Men Perfume has a wide variety of fragrances that you choose as per your likeability.

2. Low Cost:-

Abeer’s Men's Perfume is so cheap that they are going to redefine the Perfume industry.

3. Last Longer:-

Abeer’s Men’s Perfume lasts for more than 24 Hours and gives you great fragrance round the clock.

4. Made from the Real Elements of the Earth:-

It is made from the real elements which are extracted from mother Earth, they will eventually provide the best fragrance.


Package Includes:-

  1. 1x Abeer’s Men Perfume of 10ml


- To Know How to use it, Read The How to use Section below

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