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Anahata Organic



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Description :
The Anahata Brown Sugar is sourced from the cane fields of Karnataka. It retains natural sugar molasses containing important nutrients and antioxidants, that are otherwise lost in the manufacturing of refined white sugar. It is a tasty way to make a healthy change!

Additional information :
Weight 0.62 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 10.5 × 15 cm

Ingredients :
Wild Flowers, Forest Trees & Plants (Collected from bee combs from forest across Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh)

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Q. Does brown sugar helps in digestion?
A. It promotes digestion and provides immediate energy.

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Ayurzon verifies each product, its manufacturing process, quality control, sourcing, and authenticity of the ingredients & raw materials used by Anahata Organics

We also check that high-quality packaging, Storage, etc are maintained and assuring its best quality reaches our clients.


-Sugar crystals