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Chaitri Gulab - Premium Gulkand (300g)

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Chaitri Gulab - Premium Gulkand (300g)

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Chaitri Gulab - Premium Gulkand (300g)

In the present era, almost every human being is facing problems with their digestive system. But there is no need to give a hefty load amount to the doctors, we will be able to maintain our good health with a good diet alone. We have an excellent product for you and that is Chaitri Gulab - Premium Gulkand. This not only keeps you healthy but also helps you in reducing the acne mark on your body also keeps your body cool and calm. It also increases the body's energy levels.


1. Improves Digestion System:-

Chaitri Gulab Gulkand will increase the number of good bacteria in the stomach which will lead to better digestion and completely eradicate the problem of constipation or other digestion-related problem.

2. Help in getting rid of Acidity Problems:-

  If are you having acidity problems and are fed by taking the antacid daily then please be rest assured our Chaitri Gulab Gulkand will reduce and eliminate the acidity problems to a larger extent.

3. Helps in getting rid of the Ulcer:-

Gulkand also helps in getting rid of a disease like an ulcer in which you always feel a burning sensation in your stomach.

4. Anti-Ageing:-

Gulkand has various properties which will glow the skin, and flourish the hairs and It is naturally called an anti-aging agent.

5. Reduces the Stress Levels:-

People who do stressful work in day-to-day life are even advised by doctors to consume the Gulkand to keep the calmness of the head.


Package Includes:-

  1. 1x Chaitri Gulab Gulkand of 300gms


- To Know How to use it, Read the How to use Section below.

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