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Anahata Organic

Enhancing Hibiscus Hair Oil- 40ml

Enhancing Hibiscus Hair Oil- 40ml

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Description :-
The Anahata Enhancing Hibiscus Hair Oil is a traditional, hand-crushed blend of unique herbs and flowers. Rich in amino acids and Vitamin C, it strengthens the hair follicles, nourishes the roots and prevents hair fall. Use this oil twice a week for long, lustrous and healthy hair.

Benefits :-
Boosts hair growth
Strengthens hair folicles
Nourishes the roots of the hair
Prevents itchiness of the scalp

Ideal For:
Boosting hair growth

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Q. Why should I apply this oil?
A. Using this oil three times a week is advised! Consistent usage makes it the most efficient.

Q. Can this oil promotes hair growth?
A. The hibiscus hair oil from Anahata is excellent for hair growth. Natural amino acids found in hibiscus are essential elements for hair growth. The flower's inherent qualities promote hair follicles.

Q. Is this product entirely organic?
A. Our whole product line is created using only organically and naturally cultivated components. In our dishes, we take care to utilize seasonal, fresh ingredients!

Direction Of Use

Oil the scalp and equally divide the hair. For 5 minutes, massage. Take a night off. For best results, use twice weekly.


Ayurzon verifies each product, its manufacturing process, quality control, sourcing, and authenticity of the ingredients & raw materials used by Anahata organic.

We also check that high-quality packaging, Storage, etc are maintained and assuring its best quality reaches our clients.


Hibiscus Leaves & Petals, Roses, Curry Leaves, Virgin Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil