Healthy Supplement Kit (Combo)
Healthy Supplement Kit (Combo)
Healthy Supplement Kit (Combo)
Healthy Supplement Kit (Combo)
Healthy Supplement Kit (Combo)
Healthy Supplement Kit (Combo)

Healthy Supplement Kit (Combo)

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Material:Protein Powder + Pre-workout + Almonds peanut butter (Combo-1)
Pickup available at Ayurzon Wellness Centre Usually ready in 24 hours

Healthy Supplement Kit (Combo)

Protein Powder + Pre-workout + Almonds peanut butter (Combo-1)

Ayurzon Wellness Centre

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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1) Enriched Protein Powder - 100% Natural (250gm)

As we all know that our body has some basic requirements of Macro Nutrients for its optimal functionality and protein is at the top of the list. But the food in the present era we have is not enough to give us the required nutrients. As because ideally our body required 1.25-1.75X gms of your bodyweight amount of protein daily. But the normal food which we eat throughout the day is not enough to provide us with the same.

That’s why we came up with a solution for you and that is Enriched Protein Powder. It is made from dry fruits and does not contain any toxic ingredients. It’s completely healthy and 100% pure and authentic.


1. Helps in Muscle Growth:-

Protein is one of the basic and most important building blocks when it comes to muscle growth in the body.

2. Helps in making the Joint Stronger:-

Protein will make the tendons stronger which will eventually hold the joint more strongly.

3. Helps in improving Skin and Hair Quality:-

Our hair requires a specific type of amino acid called melanin which can be formed by the breakdown of the protein. So when you consume this protein powder it will increase the shinning of the hair and the skin quality as well.

4. Helps in Weight Management:- 

You want to increase or decrease your body weight but don’t know how and what to consume in this transformation journey. Your best friend in this journey is our Protein Powder.

5. Helps in Increasing Bone Density:-

Protein powder not only helps in making lean muscle mass but also helps in increasing bone density.


2) Almond Cookie Crunch Peanut Butter Benefits:

● Lowers Cholesterol Levels

● Aids in weight loss/weight gain

● Low in carbs

● Promotes muscle growth

● Energy Booster

● Boosts Heart Health

● 100% Plant bases protein

● 2 x more Protein

● Rich in Vitamin E, Fiber

● Gluten Free


3) Coffee Delight Sattu Benefits:

 ● Reduces cholesterol and manages sugar levels

● Helps boost metabolism

● Puries the body

● Rich in antioxidants

● Has anti inflammatory properties

● Detoxification of liver

● High in Protein and Omega-3

● Provides instant energy

● Aids in weight Loss/Muscle Gain

● Improves Bone Density

● Improves Muscle Protein Synthesis

● Rich in Vitamins and minerals


- To Know How to use it, Read the How to use Section below.

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Customer Reviews

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Thanks for the combo

Your protein powder has helped me a lot to make my muscles strong, I am using it daily, I have been using it continuously for 4 months. I love your combo too. I use it every day while going to the gym.


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60+ Age Individuals



Beauty Enthusiasts