Keshamrit Hair Cleanser & Scalp Cleanser - 20gm

Keshamrit Hair Cleanser & Scalp Cleanser - 20gm

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Keshamrit Hair Cleanser & Scalp Cleanser - 20gm

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Keshamrit Hair Cleanser & Scalp Cleanser - 20gm

Hairs are an essential part of the body but in the busy schedule of human life we are not able to give them the time they deserve and due to this there are multiple problems rises such as dandruff, scalp degrading, hair loss, hair damage, etc. But to tackle all such problems we present to you the Keshamrit Hair Cleanser & Scalp Cleanser. Which not only takes care of the day-to-day needs of your hair but also gives them strength and makes the roots of the hair stronger.


1. Prevent Hair Loss:-

Keshamrit Hair Cleanser & Scalp Cleanser gives strength to your hair and prevents hair loss and saves you.

2. Reduces Itchiness In the Scalp:-

It cleans your scalp and saves you from that itching your scalp which is very irritating and annoying.

3. Makes Hair Follicles Stronger:-

With the increasing age, the power in the Hair Follicles decreases our Hair Cleanser will maintain the strength of the hair follicles and also increases it.

Common Use Cases:-

1. Dandruff Protection:-

Dandruff is the basic problem with which almost 1/3rd of the population is suffering but need not worry. Usage of Keshamrit Hair Cleanser & Scalp Cleanser for a week and you can see the visible changes. In some cases, we have seen a reduction in dandruff up to 95%.

2. Damaged Scalp:-

Keshamrit Hair Cleanser & Scalp Cleanser helps in the treatment of the damaged scalp.

Package Includes:-

  1. 1 x Keshamrit Hair Cleanser & Scalp Cleanser


- To Know How to use it, Read the How to use Section below.

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