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Nikkiz Magic

Relieve Constipation powder

Relieve Constipation powder

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Benefits of Relieve Constipation -

  • May cleanses & detoxifies the colon and guts.
  • May activated digestive enzymes & acids for better digestion. 
  • May purifies blood.
  • May enhances energy.
  • May faster metabolism.
  • May soothes irritable bowel conditions.
  • May support healthy weight loss & healthier skin.
  • May treat acne & pimples.

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Direction Of Use

-Take 1 tablespoon before going to bed every night with 1 glass of warm water.


Ayurzon verifies each product, its manufacturing process, quality control, sourcing, and authenticity of the ingredients & raw materials used by Nikkiz Magic.

We also check that high-quality packaging, Storage, etc are maintained and assuring its best quality reaches our clients.


- ajwain
-black salt
- pudina
-turmeric (curcumin 5%)
- chia seeds.