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Anahata Organic

Sandalwood Chandan Agarbatti – 100 gms

Sandalwood Chandan Agarbatti – 100 gms

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Description :
Enhance your worship experience with the fragrance of the Anahata Organic Sandalwood Agarbatti. These hand-rolled incense sticks are made from pure and chemical-free ingredients. With a natural deep set fragrance and purifying properties, these incense sticks create a positive, spiritual atmosphere that makes one feel calm and stress free.

Benefits :
Chemical free
Naturally fragrant
Calms the mind
Charcoal free

Ingredients :
Water, Sandalwood Powder, Sandalwood Oil, Cow Dung, Cow Ghee, Loban, Jatamasi, Hawan Samagri, Nagarmoth.

How is the Anahata agarbattis made?
The Anahata agarbattis are made from dried flower petals, natural colorants, twigs, herbs, roots and cow dung. All our agarbattis are hand-rolled.
How to burn sandalwood sticks?
Firstly, place your organic sandalwood agarbatti in an appropriate burner that will collect all the ashes. Secondly, the light at the one end of the stick till the flame is established. Lastly, extinguish the stick by blowing out the flame.
How to use sandalwood incense sticks?
Organic Sandalwood Agarbatti has been esteem for its relaxing odor, So before going to bed burning an incense stick will feel you relax.

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