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Thyroid Recovery Kit (Package of 6)

Thyroid Recovery Kit (Package of 6)

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Trust BadgesThyroid Recovery Kit is a combination of organic products which contains:

1. Thyroid Control Powder (250 gm)

  • Support normal thyroid hormone production.
  • Improves metabolism & vitality.
  • Manage body weight.
  • Give a natural energy boost.
  • Increase strength & stamina.
  • Feels & keeps active throughout the day.
  • Provide essential nourishment to skin & hair.

2. Wheatgrass Powder (150 gm)

  • Improves blood level,
  • Boosts liver health,
  • Promotes cognitive functions.
  • Regular consumption of Wheatgrass powder can increase eyesight, give healthy skin and improve the nervous system.

3. Organic Groundnut Oil (1 Litre)

  • Encourage fat burning.
  • Work as a quick source of energy.
  • Have antimicrobial effects.
  • Helps reduce hunger.
  • Help reduce seizures.
  • boost skin health.
  • Protect your hair.
  • Improve oral health.

4. Super Sattu (200 gm)

  • Sattu is considered the best Superfoods among all superfoods. Sattu is made out of Chana and it is called poor man's protein Because of its laundry list of benefits.

5. 7 Super Seeds (250 gm)

  • Fitbites 7 Super Seeds mix is a mix of all super seeds rich in nutrients and with many health benefits. Healthy rich in 0mega-3 helps to manage cholesterol, improves memory, and helps weight loss. These seeds mix are full of essential minerals which help to keep you energetic & boost immunity. Rich in Vitamin E & healthy fats which makes it helpful for improving hair & skin health. Best mid-meal option. Can be taken in between hunger, can be mixed in salads, used as dressings, and also can be taken post-meal spoonful snacking.

6. Multi Grain Atta (500 gm)

  • Multigrain Atta is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fiber which ensures a fit, active and healthy life. There is no compromise in taste as Rotis made from light multigrain flour with multigrain are smooth, soft, and delicious. Meno Lite Multigrain Phytoestrogens (Soy Powder + Flax Seed Flour + Shatavari) may reduce the frequency of hot flashes. Improves mood swings and depression and maintains hormonal balance.


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